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Fence Installation

Here at Gator Fence Company, you can count on quality craftsmanship with each fencing project we take on. We have built this business up by providing the best installation services there is to offer.

Fence Repair

We know mother nature can do some damage so we are prepared to take care of any repairs or damages that might occur to your fence. We work with almost all types of fences and property types.

Aluminum Fence

Is your home your castle? You can’t go wrong with a luxurious aluminum fence surrounding your property. 

PVC / Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing offers a great visual appearance while being able to contain your property and or your pets. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fences have all types of purposes, most being for pets & pools! Give us a call for a free chain link fence estimate.

Wood Fence / Privacy Fence & More

Privacy fences come in all shapes and sizes and are common to most properties. We offer custom fence installation on all types!

Why Choose Us?


Quality Service

At Gator Fence Company, everything we install or repair is done with extreme craftsmanship and care. Our team is trained and certified to take on all jobs with care and confidence.


Excellent Customer Service

We consider ourselves the top fence contractors in Gainesville not only for our quality work but also for our excellent customer service. It is just who we are and how we were raised, a top priority for this company. 


Fair Pricing

When working with Gator Fence Company, you will know you are getting the best bang for your buck. We offer fair pricing on all installation and repairs no matter it be a residential or commercial property.


Transparent & Honest

We believe being transparent and honest goes hand in hand with customer service and building long term relationships with our clients. Something we value heavily here and is something that we always will. 

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

When working with Gainesville’s top Fence Company you get that knowledge we have put together over the years. We have been building and servicing fences around the area for a long time now and the passion just keeps growing. We have accumulated decades’ worth of knowledge regarding installation techniques and fencing materials, and we have the dedication to providing you with the best product and service. So whether you are looking for a fence installation or just a fence repair, we are here to give you the most suitable deal and the most pleasant experience. Quality, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing are vital in providing you with the best services. Our exceptional fences can not only add value and improve the home’s outer appearance but will also add a sense of security for you and your family. Whether the reason may be that you want to add that bit of curb appeal, an increase in property value, or more of a sense of security, our fence contractors are here to listen and make sure that our final product will meet all your requests and requirements. 

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with exceptional quality craftsmanship, and we want you to take pride in your investment. Having a well-designed fence can redefine your property, adding extra visual allure and worth. We select the best quality of materials for every fence installation and fence repair. Our fence contractors know that having reliability in your product is essential, so with us, you can be confident and know that you are getting a high-quality product. At Gator Fence company, we offer a wide range of fences for you to choose from, from aluminum to chain link and even to a customized order of your preference. No matter the request, we have got you covered. Our skilled craftsman will install your fencing quickly, with care, and with very close attention to detail. We will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your installation before we leave. 

To our company, providing you with the best customer service means that we will go the extra mile to be certain that you are satisfied with our services throughout the entire fence construction process. Our company is continuously evolving to continue to suit our customers’ needs and the growing fence market. We will ensure that you are educated on all your fencing options to help you make the best choices for your home and that you are fully aware of the steps in the fence construction process, from the first phone call to the end of the fence installation. Our team will provide a responsive, friendly, and attentive service to you throughout the whole project. It is important to us to not only meet but to exceed your expectations. 

We know that it is crucial for you to choose the right fencing and the right fencing company, so we guarantee that our fence builders will complete your fence task efficiently and swiftly regardless of the job’s size or the assignment. No matter the need, call Gator Fence Company, Gainesville’s Premier Residential & Commercial Fence Installation & Fence Repair Company.

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We’ve Been Building Fences For Years Now

Why Are We The Premier Fence Builder?

Everything we do comes from passion and skill. There are no cutting corners in this business and we know what it takes to get things done correctly the first time. We take each job seriously and go to the extreme to make sure we are satisfying out customers. 

You won’t find another group of guys like us… We are down to earth and care about doing a good job each time we install a fence. Our crews are fencing and manners certified.

No matter the fence style you know you will be getting the best there is to offer. We prioritize each install or repair and use only top quality materials to complete each job. Another reason our custom fences last so long!

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